Sunday, November 17, 2013

Something Special

I think I am slowly going insane. I think the monsters in my head are finally taking over.  Little things set me off.  I am loosing sleep at night yet I could sleep on a park bench during the day.  Every things building up and nothings breaking down, but me.  People used to tell me I was something special.  I was, as they would say, a light.  I feel like a damp candle now.  I feel like a junk drawer, full of use full things but no one to use them. Colors seem to have faded away.  Everything seems dingy and  blue.  Something needs to change.  Whether it's me or the world, I don't care but it must happen.  

I'm done talking to people about my problems because it dosent seem to help anything.  People listen and act like they care but in the end they just think I'm crazy and keep moving on.  It's okay I like being by myself.  I like being all alone.  All I know how to do is run away any way.  And in the end that's what I'm gonna away. 

With much love,
Lil Red 

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